Summer memories

Autumn is here but my mind is still in summer... After my amazing women from Disney, here is another drawing of people I know. friends I have seen this summer to be exact. Why ? 'cause I just want to draw a lot of people this time (my mermaids will be a little bit jealous...) and drawing friends is the best way to do that...

Here is a little WIP too !


Amazing Women

During one whole year, I lived in the United States and worked at Walt Disney World. I met some amazing people form all around the world. But this experience woudn't be the same without my wonderful coworkers. I had so much fun spending all my days at work with these crazy girls !

Camille - Goldy - Saïda


Private Detective

Here comes my first entry for the facebook page Character Design Challenge. This month, we had to draw a private detective and mine is a little grumpy chameleon. No mermaids this time and I believe this is the first time I draw an animal on purpose...

I will do this challenge more often as possible. I really think this is a good exercice to draw something else than my usual characters. To be continued next month :)



I started to work on this animation for more than a month now and I am finally done !

For this final part I had to add some colors in this layout. I already did the little merman last month (you can see this version in here : ready to stand) and after some little changes, I spent two days coloring this unusual background on Photoshop. Then, I used TVPaint for the last details like the shadow and the bubbles.

You can see the linetest version via this link : merman


Subway Princess

Since 2014 - March to be exact - this Princess grew up from my imagination...

Just like every characters in the animated world, she used to have different faces, more or less hair, etc. So I decided to choose an unique design that's why I updated her character.

In a nutshell, I love to do peoplewatching when I am stuck in the subway and, two days ago, I saw the living version of my Princess ! This young woman, in her early twenties, had the same face and body I was thinking for her. I took some notes on my cell... no, no it's not creppy at all !

My Princess of Lyon might change a little bit again, but I think I found something to work with for a little while. She seems more mature than her previous versions and it is the idea I have when I am thiking about her...

To be continued...

You can see her evolution
via this link : Princess evolution


Sudden fall

No more mermaids this time. I wanted to do something like that for the little while now. And I just woke up today with this idea of an action scene for my defenceless Princess of Lyon. I always loved scenes like that in movies where characters we love are in a great danger, fighting for their life...

My Princess of Lyon is a character I created and I like to animate her. Even if she does not have a proper story and seems mixed with all the characters I love, I think this is a good thing to use her character to show you my animation skills

The final version will follow. To be continued...