Lil' Splash animation

EDIT : What do you think of a merman taking a bath,
to match with the upcoming Splash remake ?
To be continued...


Super Star

Here comes Super Star to save the day !

Actually I was supposed to tell the story of a super hero (Super Star)
with 20 more pages for the “24 heures de la BD”…
I tried ^^



Mermaids are real bitches, everyone knows that !

Merboys inspired by the real Merman Michael, Merman Arion and Merman Sven
(I have to stop drawing mermaids...)

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The Body cover

Just thinking about another cover of my comicbook The Body / Le Corps
Forget the last version of the story 'cause everything has changed... Surprise !
To be continued



A few months ago I did silly animations about Disney guys (Prince Éric and Aladdin)  doing Disney princesses things. Now it is time for Disney villains to have their Disney princesses moment… Here is the silly animation of the evening, just for fun !

EDIT : The clean up of the rough animation, a quick color test of a frame to know what colors I will use for the final version + the background...

EDIT : colored version + an all new background...

EDIT : Ursula makes a splash ! WIP with water FX

EDIT : almost done !!