Anna, a new mermaid for
a new Draw this in your style challenge
Feel free to redraw her :)

Anna was an all new character from an abandonned story
Here are covers and concepts below


Claire la sirène 2.0

I made this drawing in May 2020 to update the new profil picture of our favorite French mermaid a.k.a @claire_la_sirene 🧜🏼‍♀️ It is always a pleasure to work for her and to be a little part of her wonderful journey as a mermaid ! See more wips of this drawing on Patreon (link on the right)



Ariel 31 years

For the 31st anniversary of The Little Mermaid,
my favorite animated movie of all time,
I decided, with my friend Aphrodianart,
to draw the OG Ariel with the upcoming Ariel
played by Halle Bailey.

See WIPs of my drawings via Patreon !



 I decided to do Clemence Douy's Angry Witch Circle

to protest against the fact that some nations in the world

are still controlling women's bodies, freedoms, sexualities,

rights and identities !

I chose to draw Clotilde from Sisterhood.
She may not be a witch but this character
would have stand for those rights !