Love has no bondaries

New version of this sketch from June 2017
 My characters, Elio and Adrian, are now much more accurate to the story
that I am working on. Stay tuned !


Mermay 2018

First day of Mermay 2018
and here comes my little Elio

New mermaid for Mermay 2018,
inspired by my friend Isaure in her wedding dress


Characters of Elio

Here are the characters of my upcoming comic book
Elio the Little Mermaid

Tribute to Titanic starring Elio and Adrian.
I always loved this poster. So powerful !

Tribute to Blow up


Love under the sea

Final version of this quick sketch of my merman Elio and his human lover

Elio's lover finally has a name : Adrian !
Reno the seahorse and Alex the clam are also here !!

A quick sketch of Elio saving Adrian, inspired by an artwork of
Ariel saving Eric from a book I had when I was younger

Quick sketches of Elio witnessing a plane crash

I am still working on my upcoming comicbook called Elio. The scene of the plane crash is very important for the story of all the characters and I want it pretty violent and dramatic. I made a lot of sketches and I am trying my best to make it real and intense.


Call me Elio

Tribute to the amazing movie Call me by your name (I love the poster so much !) starring my little merman Elio (yes, he has the same name as the main character and I even didn’t do it on purpose ^^)

Here is a quick sketch of Elio and his human lover,
inspired by a very cute picture of @acrodave 


The Shape of Water

Fan art of The Shape of Water. Unfortunately I didn't enjoyed it that much.
But I liked this scene and the music... 👩❤️


Elio and the Little Mermaid

Spent a week in Copenhagen and met the original Little Mermaid

Sketches of Elio and his human lover

Elio, my little merman character, now has his first fan arts ! I am so honored !
Thank you @luce_blt @ericklarreguii @a_kornik and @maxiimooch !

Peter aka @pietmaen made my day today ! He made this amazing fan art of my character Elio from my upcoming comicbook ! I feel so honored that this amazing and talented man did that for me. Peter, you and your amazing work have been such an inspiration for me for so many years now. Danke, Merci énormement, Thank you so much for supporting my art and Elio ❤🌊🐠🐚

My talented friend @antblino made this lovely fan art of my merman Elio.
Merci Antoine ! 🌊🦀🐠 

Here is another beautiful fan art of my little merman Elio.
Thank you very much @victoria_rearte 🐠🌊

Beautiful fan art of my little merman Elio.
Thank you so much @arturiel !

Another great fan art of my little merman Elio.
This one is made by @art_of_benou !
Thank you so much !! ❤🌊🐠

My talented friend @luis_montano_art
did this amazing fan art of my little merman Elio
Thank you !!

Lovely fan arts of Elio made by
@merman_marco98 @smolsketchkid
@vampy_wacky @triaoph

I am very touched and honoured to see that my amazing followers keep doing fan arts of Elio my little merman ! It makes me so happy and gives me the strenght to work hard on this project ! Merci @indiablex a.k.a the pretty @alexandra.mermaid and thank you @luiz_rodrigo_blog for your lovely drawings !

Great fan art by @x-lilou-chan-x <3

Here comes another beautiful fan art of my little merman Elio.
Thank you @rainbowmike 🐠❤ 

My talented friend @quentinrougegorge did this
amazing fan art of Elio my little merman !
Merci beaucoup ❤🐠🌊

One of the pictures I took of the mermaid in Copenhagen inspired me
for this other sketch, starring Elio my little merman

Another sketch of my little merman Elio,
inspired by some concepts I did for
my graduation movie, four years ago !