Bonne fête Maman !

Today, in France, is Mother’s day.
I made a little comicbook for this special occasion.
I wanted to try a new style, inspired by Pascal Campion.
Bonne fête Maman !


Anemone Mermay 2020

Anemone, the mermaid I created for
my first Draw this in your Style Challenge,
for Mermay 2020

Parthenope, my second Draw this in your Style Challenge,
is also a part of this story for Mermay 2020

You can see my previous story for Mermay 2019 : the Mermaid Witch

The panels #7 to #10 have been done by my friend Gaëlle Vivier (gaellevivier12)



Sergio, character from the upcoming comicbook The Brems by my friend Florib.
You can see WIPs of this drawing on my Patreon 🐱