Merman in love


I spent a lot of time drawing rocks two years ago for my graduation movie Humaine. And I continue to do that again today. I would like to animate some water special effects in 2D animation that's why I am working on these new sea backgrounds. To be continued...


Marty and Harûn

Here are two new guys : Marty and Harûn, the two gay lovers from the amazing novel L'heureux élu, vraiment ? by Ilhem H.
Her web site : here


Dia de los Muertos

Here comes my second entry for the facebook page Character Design Challenge. After my Chameleon Private Detective last month, I had to do something about the famous Dia de los Muertos this time. As I was talking about my lack of men in my drawings in the previous post (merman on his rock) I decided to draw another guy today. Hope you like him :)


Merman on a rock

Guess who's late for Inktober and draws another mermaid ?! I used to draw a LOT of women (with a fish tail sometimes...) instead of men. So today here comes a little man... merman on his rock.


Inktober #16 to #23

I continue my Inktober challenge and draw characters and scenes from my favorite TV shows and movies... This is not easy to pick a movie among all my DVDs and sometimes I feel guilty because I have to choose a movie in place of another and I don't want to miss one of my favorite ones. But 15 drawings/movies left before the end of the month so I will be able to show you a little part of my favorite movies list. To be continued...

All my Inktober drawings via this link >> INKtober 2015 <<


Life is the bubbles

Here is another background for an all new animation… I love mermaids, that’s true, but this is more than that. Actually, I just love drawing the ocean, rocks and seaweeds rather than streets and buildings (I seriously have to do something like that one day…) and fishes are funnier to animate…
The final version will follow soon… to be continued…


Baby mermaid

Here is some new stuff today... yeah, it's got scales, fins and really looks like a mermaid but this is more than that : this is my gift for my cousin's first birthday ! I put it in a frame and everything and hope this baby girl will be as crazy about mermaids as me in a few years... Just kidding...or maybe not... :) Happy First Birthday, Sasha !


Inktober #08 to #15

For this second week of Inktober, I continue to draw scenes and characters from my favorite TV series and movies. I just have to look at my huge collection of DVDs to know what will be next... Also, this is with a real pleasure that I work with pencils and papers again. Actually I always do some quick sketches on paper to bring some ideas for my digital works but I hadn't draw an entire drawing on a sheet of paper for days...


Inktober #00 to #07

Inktober is here and this is a good excuse/exercice to draw something else and in a different way (I hadn't draw with a pencil for days...) For this special challenge, I decided to draw characters and scenes from my favorite TV series and movies. Will you be able to recognize them all ?...