Lion & Princess

July is definitively the month of this Lyon Princess !

With or without hair, prince or lion/chimera pet, this little princess character is always here since March and the next logical step should be a little bit of animation. To be continued...


Arya Stark

A fan art of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.

I really like the end of the 4th season, full of hope and promises for Arya. She wasn't my favorite (I don't have any favorite characters actually... because they are already dead) I would like to create a gif to animate her hair... With me, everything is a question of hair... Valar Morghulis !



Here is my graduation short film.

I couldn't help making mermaids for my diploma short film. I'm mad about them since my childhood and they will always be a part of my world.

I would like to thank my composer and my sound-designer for their great work.

Sound-design : Benjamin Gex-Fabry
Cellist : Juliette Schneider



Thanks to the holidays, I have the time to work on a lot of projects... (I will finish my Princess of Lyon's hair... someday) To put it in a nutshell, Karine, Mathilde and I will fly to the USA to work as portrait artists at Disney World, Florida. We will create a blog to share this wonderful experience with you. So here is a little illustration where Karine looks like Alice in Wonderland and I'm a human version of Flounder from my beloved Little Mermaid... To be continued !