Up where they walk...

Here are some new stuffs... This is still this little merman but I finally drew another background. I loved the challenge that layout represented : on one hand, we have to see the bottom of the ocean and on the other hand, we can see the top of it. And the camera is doing the trick.

This huge man statue reminds me as well a cover I made for one of my webcomics Merman. Here is another version of the little merman and his Prince statue just like the Andersen's fairy tale. 

The colored version is coming soon. To be continued...


Ready to stand

I always loved this scene from the Disney's Little Mermaid. The animation is amazing and the lyrics are filled with hope and promisses for this young Ariel. So I decided to create my own "ready to stand" with an all new little merman character.

At first, it took place in an underwater cavern just like the Disney movie but I would like to change it for a new background. Also I think it is a good exercice because of the motion of the camera, we are able to see the bottom and the top of the scene in an unique layout.

To be continued...


Just keep swimming

Even if all the seaweeds are missing, this animation is the first one completly cleaned and finished since the end of my animated short film Humaine

I can't help drawing and animating mermaids. I just love their way to move and swim. I spent a lot of time coloring and redrawing all my sketches and all this work is like a reward for me when I can see this very short animated sequence finally all done and clean.