Seeing the sea

I can't help thinking about mermaids... So I decided to draw sea landscapes rather than mermaids... To be continued...


Princess animation *work in progress*

As I promised you, here is a little work in progress of a quick animation of Gaëlle, the Lyon Princess... and I know how to make GIFs now, youhou !

I spend a lot of time, even at work between two portraits and caricatures, to imagine, draw, bring my little princess to life... and since the end of my diploma short film, it is with a great pleasure that I  am being able to animate again via TV Paint ! The final version will follow soon....

Have a magical day !


The Lion, the Princess & the Wardrobe

A few weeks ago, I bought the artbook of Frozen and I completely fell in love with the concept arts of Brittney Lee ! I love her work on the Queen Elsa's dresses and the Anna's outfits ! So I decided to imagine some dresses for my princess... To be continued... maybe with a little animation of Gaëlle, who knows !


Gaëlle, Princess of Lyon

The Princess of Lyon is back and she has a name now : Gaëlle !

With all this huge Elsa and Anna Mania from Frozen in Walt Disney World and because of the visit of Aurora and Belle six times per day in the french pavillion in Epcot, I want to draw princesses all the time !

To be continued...