Subway Princess

Since 2014 - March to be exact - this Princess grew up from my imagination...

Just like every characters in the animated world, she used to have different faces, more or less hair, etc. So I decided to choose an unique design that's why I updated her character.

In a nutshell, I love to do peoplewatching when I am stuck in the subway and, two days ago, I saw the living version of my Princess ! This young woman, in her early twenties, had the same face and body I was thinking for her. I took some notes on my cell... no, no it's not creppy at all !

My Princess of Lyon might change a little bit again, but I think I found something to work with for a little while. She seems more mature than her previous versions and it is the idea I have when I am thiking about her...

To be continued...

You can see her evolution
via this link : Princess evolution

1 commentaire:

  1. Si je puis me permettre, je te conseille d'allonger le cou et de réduire la tête sur la plupart des images: elle est trop volumineuse pas rapport aux épaules. sur l'image la plus à gauche notemment, il ne devrait as y avoir un tel écart entre la pointe du menton et le cou (et tu peux rajouter un peu de crâne à l'arrière).
    sur l'image en couleur, comme le visage cache le cou justement, on a l'impression qu'il est court et très épais. en tout cas j'aime bien sa coiffure et ses expressions.